Intermission Log

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Online Conversations with Your People

Your desired customers are talking about what is important to them online, more so in some places than others. Join the crowd and conversations or host the party and start the conversations. Either way, this 3-step approach will serve you well:

  1. Start with going where they are talking.
  2. LISTEN to what they have to say.
  3. If you respond to someone’s question, answer objectively. It is all about sharing and learning together.

IMPORTANT: Avoid promoting your business!
This is actually akin to walking around a dinner party with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. People will look, but not listen very well to what you have to say. They will not give you as much credit as they would have without that indiscretion. The most you need to do is put your website in your signature. This is about street credibility, not proving your businesses worth or benefits. ‘Street cred’ is earned with authenticity and generosity, not promotions.

Website Branch of Your Business

Brochure vs. Branch Office

In the olden days, a website was just an online brochure that might have a contact form.

Today your website is expected to be a branch office. Instead of filling out a paper form, people expect to be able to download the forms or fill them out online. Instead of calling to ask a question about a particular aspect of the business, they expect to find basic information from a search of your blog.

Your branch office needs to look and behave in alignment with what someone feels when visiting the business in person. If it is okay to hand out something to someone when they walk in the door, why isn’t that also available on your website?

Online Presence: Hire Help or Do-It-Yourself?

If you have never fully developed a web site, you may have the impression that it is super simple or daunting. Neither is necessarily true for you. It depends on the choices you make in building a team.

Here are the roles that need to be filled for a fully functioning, successful, online branch office, integrated with social media. How many of these roles do you already have the skills to do? Which would you like to learn in order to complete your web project?  Continue reading