What are the best lessons to learn?

In my last post, some will imagine that I am suggesting we all go out and play with matches to feel like entrepreneurs. Others, who resonate with the metaphor and feel they have been burned in an entrepreneurial venture, will imagine that injurious experience means they are not well suited to for entrepreneurship. Others who really enjoy playing with fire in a destructive way will imagine I am condoning destruction.

None of them would be getting the best lessons here.

However, you are NOT one of them.

You understand that:

  • Creativity needs a steady flow of stuff to work with (fuel), breathing room (air), and inspiration (ignition) to be sustainable.
  • Practice and learning are important to gain wisdom. Practice without learning is just beating our selves into submission. Learning without practice is just gathering facts without applying them.
  • When we get results that are different than we expected, it just means we need to adjust what we did and/or what we expected. It does not mean anything about who we are and our capabilities to get good results.
  • When we want to truly make a difference, it is important to be able to repeat our successful results. It is important to discover the mastery in what we do.
  • There is a light and dark side to every circumstance. There is excitement wherever there is fear. There is protection wherever there is confinement. There is freedom wherever there is captivity.
  • What else do you understand from your experience?

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