Listen to Desire, Body Wisdom, and Inspiration.

Let’s start with a tangible experience of Desire, see how it is the root of Body Wisdom, and combines with Inspiration to make you unstoppable.

Wherever you are, find a way to pretend with me for a moment while we create two physical experiences for you to compare.

1st Experience to Compare:

  • Think of a task that you do have no desire to do, yet, you feel that you should do it. (Be sure to choose something that most definitely fits this description.)
  • Pretend that in a few moments you are going to go do that thing that you do have no desire to do and that you feel you should do. Really feel the combination of feeling you should do it AND no desire to do it. Close your eyes if that helps.
  • What do you physically feel in your body? What do you notice? Quickly jot down your noticings here:

IMPORTANT Transition:
Now shake that out. Literally shake your body. Feelings are indeed chemical. A quick antidote to the chemistry you just felt is to shake it out. Shake your hands, feet, and head. Shake your bootie, too.

2nd Experience to Compare:

  • Find a task that you have great desire to do. It is very important that you find a task that is free and clear of obligation and feels like it is fed purely by Desire – no strings attached. (If you don’t think of something right away, let it be simple. Ask your body what it desires right now. Maybe it is as simple as take a nap, or eat a meal prepared by someone who loves you. ) Have you got something? Good.
  • Pretend that in a few moments you are going to go do exactly that thing that you desire. Really feel the intensity and clarity of your desire. Close your eyes if that helps.
  • What do you physically feel in your body? What do you notice? Quickly jot down your noticings here:

IMPORTANT Non-Ending: Savor this experience in your body. Let this chemistry support your health and well-being!

These noticings are a source for understanding your own body’s wisdom about what is best for you in a given moment. Your noticings change like a barometer with the winds of your mind.

What do other people experience?

I have conducted this comparison exercise with hundreds of people, individually and with large crowds.

  • In the first experience, people notice a consistent range of body data that indicates physical stress: heaviness on the shoulders, tightness in the chest, clenched jaw or fist, shallow breathing, sudden feeling of weight gain, tension in the neck, upset stomach, pain in the gut, shoulders, or head.
  • In the second experience, people notice a consistent range of body data that indicates well being: great increase in physical energy, lightness of body, relaxation in the torso and neck, excitement, and sometimes even uncontrollable grinning and giggling.

When conducting this activity with a large crowd indoors, I will often ask, “While you are continuing to feel this desire so intensely, how easy would it be for me to distract you at the door and keep you from your desire? Could I side track you? Could I stop you?” Every time the answer is swift and strong, “No! You better get out of my way! I’m going to do this!”

And that is the magic of Desire. It feels like plugging yourself into the Great Battery Pack of your own life.

Some people have a habit of quickly converting the first experience to make it more comfortable. They are well-practiced at converting a “should” by finding some shred of desire to attach to it, so they can move forward despite the negative physical affects of should. This is an effective and useful coping mechanism.

But that is not the point of this comparative exercise.  I am asking you to let yourself feel any discomfort that the first experience brings, just long enough to notice the clear affects of “should-ing” yourself in order to contrast that experience with the clear affects of unfettered desire.

After years of studying this phenomenon, it is clear to me that:

  • A desire that is unclouded by obligation gives a person exponentially more energy, than a desire that has a “should” attached to it.
  • Some people get confused and think this is about will power, or the will, which is a fundamental experience of leading with personal energy. The overwhelming experience of Desire is following.
  • Desire often acts as an Inspirational Compass. It points us in an important satisfying direction. An unclouded desire is a clue that will lead you further on your life’s adventure and support you in ways that are better than you could have imagined. You do not need to know why you have a desire, in order for it to give you great energy. Sometimes after you have followed its lead, you will get a clue about why it came to you.
  • What are we following? I have come to believe that clear, unfettered Desire is a gift from the Divine. Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi hilariously and aptly demonstrate the passion of this Element in The Blues Brothers film, when they declare, “We’re on a mission from God!” When we use  Natural Entrepreneurial Thinking, the excitement of following the Great Mystery is palpable.
  • Some confuse Desire with addictive thoughts. Been there, done that – I’m not naïve on this one either. Desire seeks satisfaction. Addictive thoughts are well-organized coping mechanisms to help us mask true Desire. (I’ll write more about this later…)

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