Let your vision pull you and look for a match.

When we are true to our vision, looking for a match can pull us right into what we have imagined.

Have you ever searched for a four-leafed clover? In case you do not live where there are grass lawns it goes like this. First, we imagine the four distinct leaves we have heard about, but never seen. Our vision of the four-leafed clover is unlike the common three-leafed plants that are everywhere in the sea of green grass. We have to imagine the four-leaves, so that we will recognize it, and not pass over it by mistake.When we encounter an opportunity, we need to approach it as if we were inspecting a single clover to see if it has three leaves or four. Here are some questions to help:

  • What is my vision? What am I looking for? What are the basic needs of it?
  • Have I been clear while sharing my vision and its needs with the other people? Can they see it? Is it exciting to them? Do they want to help?
  • What is the ideal relationship for my vision and these people? Are we Partners? Collaborators? Vendors and customers? Referral sources? Peer advisors? Employer and employees?
  • How could this opportunity support my vision in real terms?  What kind of results? What kind of growth? How much money? How many referrals?
  • Do I have a match? Does it feel like this opportunity could be a match? Can I prove to myself now, rationally, that it will be a good match? How is this opportunity in alignment with my vision? Do I feel my vision pulling me into this opportunity?
  • Does this opportunity reveal a part of my vision that needs more support, attention or focus?

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