Why Blog?


First, it is important to acknowledge that you might have the wrong idea about what a blog actually is. Get a proper definition here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog and be sure to learn about the different kinds of blogs and blogging etiquette.

A blog is a publishing platform that produces date-stamped entries by an identifiable author. Productive blog authors set their blog up to be open to comments and prompt online conversations with their readers.

So, why blog? To look alive and be relevant to your readers.

What to Blog About

Your business has a lot to blog about:

  • Announcements with explicit permission from the people mentioned.
  • Books and Product reviews and recommendations.
  • Ask questions that you want clients to think about and respond to
  • Trends and issues for clients.
  • Specific lobbying needs in your state on behalf of your field and your customers
  • Announce new products
  • Announce new events
  • Ask the opinions of your readers

Where to Put Your Blog for the Best Results

Integrate the blog with the website to:

  • Give your website a fighting chance with search engine listings
  • Give people a reason to revisit your website

This means:

  • The company website and blog are in the same place OR clearly connected with obvious links. It is common to use the same platform, but not absolutely necessary.
  • The feed for the blog’s latest posts are right on the home page of the company. The feed is often shown below a brief welcome message.

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