Intermission Log

During this Intermission, please move about freely and enjoy yourself! 

May 2013: Special Project Start

I am working with a non-profit organization on a BIG project that takes me away from Intuitive Plan. I anticipate that blogging will resume when the project is finished.

I am also closing Hand Spun Digital, Inc. (HSD) now to devote all energy to this important project. 2012 was our most successful year so far at HSD so I will start this new chapter on the crest of that wave. It has been a wonderful decade! I am so grateful for all the great people I met along the way. Special thanks to all my teammates. We supported our clients well!


September 2016: Special Project End

Whew! That was a big job. Great work with great people for a great cause.

October 2016: Sabbatical Start

I am now taking a year-long sabbatical to renew my energy and discern what is next. I am not blogging during this time.

May 2017: Starting a new path

As part of this sabbatical, I am beginning a masters degree towards becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) in Minnesota. This license will enable me to work with individuals, couples, and families.  I will explore and explain this decision further in future blog posts.

September 2017: Coming full circle soon

My second semester begins this month and I will soon begin blogging.


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