Rosemary’s View of Resistance

When Stephen Pressfield describes Resistance, I am reminded of the old Pink Panther movies and the relationship between Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau and his assistant Cato Fong.

“Trained by his boss to attack without warning (the better to keep Clouseau on guard and in shape), Cato has invariably done his job too well, kicking and chopping at the Inspector at the most inopportune times — when Clouseau is making love, for example.” – New York Times

We each move through life, much like Clouseau, full of our own logic and foibles. Our Resistance is like Cato whose task is to kill us. Resistance shows up with the Cato’s timeliness, bringing the biggest challenges just before we are about to be really successful and just after we’ve tasted success.

When it comes to working with resistance, I differ with Pressfield. Continue reading