Wonder Woman Seeks the Truth about Play and Work

[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wonder Woman was spotted in Oakland, CA, on August 2, waving, smiling and spreading love and joy while helping people cross the street at a farmer’s market and street festival. She was on a quest to find the Truth about Play and Work with her trusty Golden Lasso of Truth. Continue reading


Resolution for Small Business

Over the years, I have voted for people from Democratic, Independent and Republican parties, considering myself an independent thinker, even though I am technically currently registered as a Democrat. In the house where I grew up, each parent registered with a different party, just to be sure to get the scoop from both sides.

I attended my first Minnesota primary caucus two days ago and I sure wasn’t alone!

I want to share a resolution I proposed to the DFL. I want to share the experience with you for consideration as an Inspired Entrepreneur. Continue reading