Wonder Woman Seeks the Truth about Play and Work

[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wonder Woman was spotted in Oakland, CA, on August 2, waving, smiling and spreading love and joy while helping people cross the street at a farmer’s market and street festival. She was on a quest to find the Truth about Play and Work with her trusty Golden Lasso of Truth. Continue reading


The Orange Car Story

One morning, April 2006, a voice inside me said, “I need an orange car.” Until that moment, my vehicle color had never mattered. It felt like some kind of spiritual clue from the beyond…

This inspiration tickled me and my husband into many hilarious test drives. We played with WHEN to tell the salesperson my number one criteria: orange! New and used. Even drove 90 miles with high hopes, only to discover a car was the WRONG orange. Suddenly Happy Orange was the new standard. Continue reading

Resolution for Small Business

Over the years, I have voted for people from Democratic, Independent and Republican parties, considering myself an independent thinker, even though I am technically currently registered as a Democrat. In the house where I grew up, each parent registered with a different party, just to be sure to get the scoop from both sides.

I attended my first Minnesota primary caucus two days ago and I sure wasn’t alone!

I want to share a resolution I proposed to the DFL. I want to share the experience with you for consideration as an Inspired Entrepreneur. Continue reading