About Intuitive Plan and Rosemary Senjem

Intuitive Plan is an oldie but goodie blog about inspired entrepreneurship.

Intuitive Plan began with Rosemary Senjem’s workshops and executive coaching. These were designed to respond to the needs of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to make a big difference in their communities.

Today Rosemary Senjem is on sabbatical. 

Can you say unicorn?

As a marketing expert who has extensive experience as a web programmer, creative director, information architect and business analyst, its tough to fit her in a box.

With a full understanding of human energy, entrepreneurial thinking, and business, Rosemary Senjem brings practical tools and enlightening ideas for starting and growing a business.

Rosemary Senjem comes from a large, extended, entrepreneurial family; has successfully run three businesses; and prefers to learn from experience.

Her degree in Human Development and Social Relations came in handy as an Outward Bound Instructor in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, teaching people how to do much more than they ever thought they could.

As a budding entrepreneur, she hired herself out as an educational consultant between wilderness treks, helping schools and teachers make their classrooms come alive with experiential learning and build supportive communities.

An MBA looked much too boring, so she designed her own experiential education in business. She wanted to do what she calls “a global village job” – which is a business that plays an important role in any community in the world. Rosemary says, “Global village jobs always carry the essence of business principles without all the clutter.” She got a barber’s license in Minneapolis; founded her own successful shop on Ely’s main street; and successfully ran it for several years.  It was a community center, breaking records for ‘haircuts done in one day,’ and hosting music on the front porch by local musicians.

Check out these seasoned experts who have partnered with Rosemary on past projects:

Rosemary Senjem then integrated her fascinations with creative form and technical function in a certificate in web design. While working for a premier company in the field of on-line learning, she became proficient in concept development, usable design, and several programming languages. For 10 years, she ran her own company, Hand Spun Digital, to serve small start-up companies and work more closely with entrepreneurs.

A Certified InterPlay™ Leader since 2004,  she has refined a way to teach entrepreneurial thinking with the whole body. She instructs business owners in noticing body wisdom to support great decision making and successful business practices.

She has guided entrepreneurs in the following fields: fine art, construction, photography, cottage industry for a new product, life coaching, corporate training & consulting, yoga & fitness, wellness & alternative medicine, technical writing, virtual assistant, event planning, journalism, music & performance, organizing, nutrition, upholstery, and more.

“The common thread through my entire life has been a focus on foundational structure to let inner beauty shine through to the outside.

My approach starts with checking out the fundamentals of your entrepreneurial thinking, which are the foundation for the way your business runs.

We then celebrate what’s working and shore up this foundation wherever it is needed.

Then you show up for your customer with the highest integrity and reliability. — And THAT gets people talking about you. Then your marketing gets a whole lot easier!”

~ Rosemary Senjem


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