Fear’s Antidote

You know what’s happening when you’re feeling fear or anxiety anywhere in your body?

Your vision gets narrow, literally and figuratively, shutting down your creativity and your options. You get tight muscles and can start sweating (the stinky kind!). YIKES!

In the face of all the financial news, the air in any public space seems to be thick with fear and anxiety.

Emergency Measures are called for here.

And I’m NOT talking about a bailout. I’m talking about getting your mindBody aligned to help you.

Get up right now, out of your chair (or at least sit up as tall as you can) and start a gentle bounce, a jiggle, a shimmy, a shake. This is the fastest way to change the body chemistry of fear. (Yes, I can show you the research about this and I’m NOT going to distract you with a link here. Come on, get going. Start shaking it out of you.)

Ramp it up a bit.

Play with the VOLUME of shaking you’re doing.

Make it big. Make it little. Make it work for you.

(TIP: If you are not in a place to do this physically, close your eyes and VISUALIZE shaking. That will still help you! All those muscles will still fire.)

Now find your own ending to that and notice what’s going on in your body.

Do you feel any looser?

Still a stuck, frozen place?

Put your hand on that part of you and find a way to gently rock that part of you. And listen to that spot. Give it what it needs. Then move it into a jiggle, like you’re soothing a baby.

Listen to your body.

It’s the control panel for your Spirit while you’re on the planet. What’s it saying? The Ghestalt therapists say that Anxiety is Excitement without Support. Ask this part of yourself what kind of support it needs. And then for your own sake, follow through and deliver that support in any way you can!

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