The Nature of Ideas

This is a poem I wrote to support The Idea Lounge workshop with Alice Barry. It seemed to come from somewhere else and just dropped in on me while taking a bath to get ready to go. As I filled up my gas tank on the way, it pleaded with me to buy a car wash so I could write it down in there. So I did. Here it is for you. (If you wish to publish it elsewhere, please contact me first. Thanks! Rosemary Senjem)

The Nature of Ideas

He was mistaken
when he thought she was his
idea —
his winning ticket.

To hide and protect
until he was ready.

She is like a fairy.
She is not of this world.

And to bind her down
is to kill her —
or at least make her stupid.

She needs scrumptious food,
playing fields, playing forests
and play mates.

He has not even realized she has left him.
She slipped out shortly after he locked her away
for later.

She was freely flitting about in search of
other fertile minds —
Open to receive her.
Lots of passing winks and
flirtatious conversations
to get them talking and give her energy.

And then she found Them.
A whole group.
Ready and willing to play
and feed her.

Her wings began to strengthen
and her cheeks glowed.

One day he saw her with Them.
On somebody else’s Broadway.
Somebody else’s patent.
Somebody else’s program.
Somebody else’s gizmo.
Somebody else’s hand.

He felt betrayed,
angry —
paranoid that they had found his hiding place.

She visited him that night in a dream.
Teasing him with her vision and future.

She touched his heart lightly.

Suddenly he realized
how he had neglected her.
Remorse oozed over him.

As she left she looked at him and said,
“I hope you love my sisters.”

I hope you love my sisters.

© 2006 Rosemary Senjem