Do you want to be informative, insightful or irreplacable?

While working on a mutual friend’s collaborative project, I met Jonathan Luebbers. He articulately shared a great insight for our friend. He has given me permission to share with you as well. These are his words:

If you are informative, you’re interesting and nice to have.
If you are insightful and prescriptive you’re extremely valuable.
If they cannot achieve their objectives without you, you’re irreplaceable.
At informative, you get cut if money gets tight and might be replaced when money flows again.
At insightful and prescriptive, you are the last non-essential item to be cut and one of the first to be reinstated when money flows again.
At mission-critical, they pack their lunches, skip wine at dinner, trade down their cars, and cancel the family vacation. They don’t cut you.
Your authority at start will flow from what you present and how you present it.
In the longer run your authority will flow from the results of your clients.


Jonathan Luebbers (Jonathan_Luebbers [at] yahoo [dot] com) enjoys using strategy, product management, and market research to help people and organizations release their untapped potential. Having returned to MN to be closer to family, he’s looking for his next opportunity. In the interim he co-founded Non-Profit Transitions, an organization of professionals dedicated to helping non-profits through the bumpy waters of the current economy. In his free time he and his wife enjoy finding new ways to make their 9-month old little boy laugh.
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