Website Branch of Your Business

Brochure vs. Branch Office

In the olden days, a website was just an online brochure that might have a contact form.

Today your website is expected to be a branch office. Instead of filling out a paper form, people expect to be able to download the forms or fill them out online. Instead of calling to ask a question about a particular aspect of the business, they expect to find basic information from a search of your blog.

Your branch office needs to look and behave in alignment with what someone feels when visiting the business in person. If it is okay to hand out something to someone when they walk in the door, why isn’t that also available on your website?

What Is Marketing Anyway?

Here is how you often hear marketing simplified by experts:

  • Get your name out there! (ok, become known, but for what?)
  • Go after your niche (well of course! nothing is for everyone – who are your raving fans?)
  • Have a consistent brand presence (yes, consistency is the foundation for establishing your integrity)
  • Go viral (this one really feels yucky to me, how bout you? when news travels by word-of-mouth it is the sign of success — why associate success with disease? I prefer to call it “making friends.”)

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