Decide where/when to be able to respond.

Responsibility is truly the ability to respond: respond-ability. It is not a thing that is assigned to you. It is about readiness.

A well-run business has prepared itself for customers. The important decisions about where and when to be able to respond have already been made.

This is especially true when readiness means being able to go with the flow and follow. Follow the customer. Follow the lead. Follow the idea. When opportunity knocks, you’re ready.

These readiness decisions bring focus and allow for quick, firm  responses, based on convictions in real values.

Every apparent “over-night success” story I have ever encountered has a back-story of 10-20 years of preparation for the big break. Even those who seem to be plucked from obscurity to the world stage by talent shows, describe many years of practice, learning, and preparation for this moment.

Focus. Practice. Learn. Be ready. Respond. To needs, inspiration, trends, opportunities.