The Orange Car Story

One morning, April 2006, a voice inside me said, “I need an orange car.” Until that moment, my vehicle color had never mattered. It felt like some kind of spiritual clue from the beyond…

This inspiration tickled me and my husband into many hilarious test drives. We played with WHEN to tell the salesperson my number one criteria: orange! New and used. Even drove 90 miles with high hopes, only to discover a car was the WRONG orange. Suddenly Happy Orange was the new standard. Continue reading


More About Resistance

re┬Ěsis┬Ětance n. – A force that tends to oppose or retard motion. (

I notice when my clients feel Resistance around growing their companies. I notice when they get nervous about genuinely stepping into the spotlight for the world to behold. Read Rosemary’s View of Resistance.

Resistance takes many forms and is noticeable in body language.

  • People actually stay in one place when they are stuck.
  • Muscles clench.
  • Walking becomes stiff.
  • Smiles disappear and are replaced with blank looks or furrowed brows.

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Rosemary’s View of Resistance

When Stephen Pressfield describes Resistance, I am reminded of the old Pink Panther movies and the relationship between Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau and his assistant Cato Fong.

“Trained by his boss to attack without warning (the better to keep Clouseau on guard and in shape), Cato has invariably done his job too well, kicking and chopping at the Inspector at the most inopportune times — when Clouseau is making love, for example.” – New York Times

We each move through life, much like Clouseau, full of our own logic and foibles. Our Resistance is like Cato whose task is to kill us. Resistance shows up with the Cato’s timeliness, bringing the biggest challenges just before we are about to be really successful and just after we’ve tasted success.

When it comes to working with resistance, I differ with Pressfield. Continue reading