Recognize investments and expenses.

Entrepreneurs sort spending this way:

  • Expense:
    Spend this on a regular basis to cover the basics of running the business. I see the value of creating stability by laying a foundation of spending for regular operating expenses.
  • Investment:
    This spending could create more value later. I see strong enough growth potential for results that I value. These results may be money, resources, referrals, market share, and more. Continue reading

What are the best lessons to learn?

In my last post, some will imagine that I am suggesting we all go out and play with matches to feel like entrepreneurs. Others, who resonate with the metaphor and feel they have been burned in an entrepreneurial venture, will imagine that injurious experience means they are not well suited to for entrepreneurship. Others who really enjoy playing with fire in a destructive way will imagine I am condoning destruction.

None of them would be getting the best lessons here.

However, you are NOT one of them. Continue reading

Flirting with captivity and freedom

When people speak with me about captivity, freedom, and entrepreneurial thinking saving their lives, I understand and encourage us all to take a deep breath and let it out with a big sigh.

In this moment, you may choose any place on the continuum between captivity and freedom. Like everything else, it’s a matter of perspective. No matter where you see yourself right now, you may see it as an advantage or a disadvantage. Freedom can feel both exciting and terrifying. Captivity can feel both protective and confining. It is all part of what is true.

The dance upon that continuum tells me something about us. I notice that we approach entrepreneurship much like we approach fire. Continue reading

The crackpot theory that could save your life

First, the theory

We are born with everything we need to become entrepreneurs.

The elements are simple and accessible to all who dare to remember.

When dormant, these elemental desires and behaviors merely await release and expression. Sometimes we just need a tickle in the right direction. Sometimes we require some deprogramming or healing to enable these experiences to have full expression. Sometimes we need to rally friends and family to help. Sometimes we need to find like-minded partners. Sometimes we just need to plow ahead on our own. In my experience, when the effort is made, the elements are always there in each person’s mind waiting to bloom.

Continue reading